The Basics Matter

It is far too easy to fall into the trap of focussing our efforts on some of the more visible and aesthetically pleasing of the projects required by the Church. However the Friends responsibility is to look after the fabric of the Church and we must not forget the "basics".

In liaison with the PCC we have started to prioritise and document the investments required in the Church fabric over the coming years. A few requirements are immediate and without question require our attention. Most, however, can now be carefully planned for the future. The Friends will see a mixture of requirements for our support in the years to come, ranging from the pragmatic maintenance of our estate, such as the pointing of the stonework, to the preservation of the aesthetic and historic aspects of the Church, such as repair of the (same age as and original to the Church!) altar frontals.

This year the Friends have been able to support the Church in reviewing its electrics and undertaking some required remedial work. I look forward to being able to provide the Friends with more information on our upcoming projects soon - including some that focus not just on the Church fabric but also on the preservation of the Church's history.

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